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A proven history of product  development.

Years of practice, testing,  and  dedication to improvement through honest feedback, are principles that make Sturdy Bag Designs what they are today. 


Joe started Sturdy Bag Designs while working in a Milwaukee upholstery shop in 2014. The upholstery gig was truly rewarding because of the collaboration opportunities between Joe and his customers.

During a slow week at the shop, Joe started daydreaming about no longer commuting with a heavy backpack, since it aggravated an old bike messenger injury in his back. Inspired by the fabric, zippers, and materials around him, he assembled his first frame bag.

Being the thoughtful, observant guy that he is, he used that first bag for several weeks and took note of the ways it could be improved, and over time improved its design.

Today, Joe works out of a studio in Minneapolis and continues to draw on his upholstery collaboration experiences to create unique gear tailored to each customer, and embraces feedback to continuously improve his designs.

Thank you for supporting Sturdy Bag Designs. We look forward to collaborating with you and creating bags that enhance your ride!


-Jamie, Joe, and Chip