Velcro & zipper repair

Accidents happen, and so does wear and tear when it comes to soft goods. We’re here for you when that happens, and repair and replace velcro and zippers. With years of sewing experience, we can repair your damaged products and keep them in service for years to come.

We repair most brands, and do not modify designs from the original concept. We do this in order to retain the item’s initial quality and the integrity of the manufacturers’ original specifications.

We do our best to re-use original parts whenever possible; if we must replace them, we do it with comparable or better materials.

Email with photos of the item needing repair for an estimate.

Example zipper replacement

  1. Broken Zipper

This bag came to us with a broken zipper and some worn out velcro from many miles of great service to its owner.


2. Zipper/Velcro strap replaced

After opening the critical seams to expose the zipper at both ends, we replaced the entire zipper, its end fabric panels, and the worn out velcro strap.


3. Finished Product

The frame bag is now back to life with a completely new zipper and velcro strap—ready for more miles and adventures!